Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some Of my Favorite Kayaking pictures

Night practice in Gratz
Eric Jackson at worlds in Gratz Austria
Devon Barker at Bobs Hole
Eric Jackson on the Ottawa river. (front loop)
And my most favorite kayaking shot is this one of Dane Jackson. Dane Started Kayaking before the sport was ready for him. At only 50 pounds, he used a womens kayaking vest, a skateboarding helmet, a cut down paddle, a kids boat that was cut down, among many various items that would keep him having fun. This picture epitomizes the reason that Jackson Kayak was founded. The famous Eric Jackson created Jackson Kayak to help kids around the world paddle with their parents.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I went showshoeing this weekend. My friend David and I Hiked to the top of Pilot peak. When we reached the top we met with some snowmobilers who could not believe that we had hiked that far. One said that he could not have done it in the summertime. I had a great time though.