Tuesday, November 8, 2011


These trees were lit by the campfire, turning them the red hue. I set up my camera just in time to snap one single shot before the clouds came in. The photo below was my second 30 second exposure. I light painted the trees in the center with my flashlight, and left the red to the sides. Unfortunately only the brightest star made it through the clouds.
The photo below was taken on a campout with my son. The fire was almost out, and only coals remained. What looks like fire is really the smoke from the coals being lit up. I love having a camera that can capture the things that I never could before.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Grand Teton

Upper Mesa Falls

We stopped by Yellowstone on the way. The pools were highlighted by a stormy sky. The above picture I loved, yet of the hundreds of people that I saw, not one of them stopped to even look or take a picture. It makes me wonder how many times I personally walk by something truly beautiful, and don't notice.

When I arrived home and saw this image, I thought that I had done something wrong. The tree's were yellow, not red. People have asked whether I "pushed" the colors. The answer is no. The light behind me was a purple/pink color. This sunrise color really gave this image the glow.

This image was shot with a 17-50mm lens! The coyote came within 5 feet of me before I shot to my feet with rocks in my hand. (my camera was in my backpack still.) After that he would never let me get within 20 feet.

These are the same trees as the red ones above, only in full sun.
I had to hold my camera above my head to get this. I think that I took about 10 that I did not like before I got this shot.