Saturday, June 27, 2015

Giant Sinkhole exploration.

Just a cool little video of me exploring a giant sinkhole in southern Utah
(Link to Youtube)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Big Island

Nothing better than a walk on the beach at sunset.

PapakĊlea Beach One of only two green sands beaches in the world.  It gets its distinctive coloring from the mineral olivine, found in the enclosing cinder cone.

This waterfall is located in the Hawaii tropical botanical gardens near Hilo.

A great sunset near Kona Hawaii. Bring your headlamp for the hike back if you ever visit Keawaiki beach (Lone palm beach)

A long exposure of Hawaii's Rainbow falls at high water. I used an 8 stop ND filter for the long exposure

I had to push through 10 foot tall bushes and hang off of a cliff in order to take this shot.

Another beautiful sunset on an Hawaiian black sand beach.

I light painted this turtle sleeping on the beach for the night. It was well after sunset but the sky still had a hint of color.

Lava reflecting off of mist.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Indian ruins are a fun link to the past although hard to find sometimes. Although a tough hike in the wintertime, this turned out to be well worth the hike. "Fallen Roof Ruin"

False Kiva at night lit by three different flashlights and the moon in the background as light sources. This shot was difficult to set up. Expose your light too long, and the shot is overexposed, too short and it does not turn out. 

You have to have a little fun when you do photography. 
My friend David Swindler (Picture the snapped this shot of me goofing off.

This grainery is named house of fire as it looks like it is on fire. The ruin is an easy mile or so walk from the road.

Mesa arch at sunrise.

More fooling around at False kiva as we were waiting for the sun to go down.

This is from the valley of the gods.

The moon behind a cloud makes for an interesting "comet" in an other worldly foreground.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bryce Canyon

 As amazing as Bryce canyon is, you will never get the "best picture" because no matter how cold, hot, nasty etc it is outside, you will still be standing shoulder to shoulder with someone else. On this day it was -8F and at this spot there were about twelve of us.
 Here the beauty and silence of Bryce canyon really shines... at night. I believe this is one of the only times that you can experience the canyon the way it was meant to be seen... as a wilderness, without crowds.
 Thor's hammer lit by the moon and a small flashlight.
 This area is called "Wall Street" as beautiful as it is in the day, (below) I believe that the night version was even more amazing. (above lit by the moon and flashlight)