Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ray of Happiness

In order to hike to this waterfall, you must climb down a vertical cliff. The cliff is an easy climb when it is dry, but it had been raining all morning and for most of the week, making the rock slippery. I decided that the risk was worth it, and decided to climb down despite the rain and dreary conditions. Every photographer knows, the photo's are only good when the light is there. I took pictures anyway, and on my way back out, I noticed a viewpoint that I had not noticed while climbing down. The place I wanted to photograph from was on the cliff face. I took my photo backpack off and set my tripod up. I had to steady my tripod and camera with my hand in order to keep them from falling. I snapped a few shots, and it turned out that the sunshine popped through the clouds for only a couple of seconds, and went away. I was stoked to be at the right place at the right time.