Sunday, June 26, 2011


Waterfalls cascade down while pools of bubbles below swirl.

And I thought that this was a desert.

I call the one above Fire and Ice.

Just before we arrived at the Subway, a thunderstorm blew dust into our eyes, then rocks started falling from 1000 feet above. The rain came shortly afterward, and I was disappointed because I was worried that the photography would be ruined. The swimming that we had been doing left me shivering and unable to hand hold the camera. As soon as we got down the waterfall area above the Subway, the rain and wind let up, and the cloud offered perfect lighting. The cold that I was feeling seemed to shy away when confronted with such beauty.

Swims were common, and unavoidable. The still blue pools showed you the hazards below, and offered even more to look at.

The Subway has to be one of my favorite hikes. The long and difficult day seems to melt away, and you are done before you know it. The photo's that I was able to take, are only the few spots that are small enough to fit through a lens. Most of the subway you would have to experience in order to grasp the full beauty.